Guitar is different from other musical instruments when used to express the soul of the music bring played.

A wailing guitar can be fierce or heart-wrenching.
When accompanying dance or hymns of praise, it can reach shades of melancholy or cheerful expressions just as easily. It can be quiet or loud. It can be peaceful and polite or it can be aggressive and angry.

Only guitar has been used to express so many emotions through music.
Guitar has made history and legend throughout the world. On all 7 continents this one instrument, alone, has fit into every culture to reinforce those cultural musical differences. It has done this throughout the ages and has withstood the test of time.
Every culture knows what a guitar is.
Since 1997 Stephallen Guitars has started on its journey in this rich history of legend. Our mission is to be the state of the art in music today. Our variety of models, exotic woods, pickup configurations, even basic accessories can color the tone of our instruments to achieve the tone you dream of.

So join us, have fun, and be part of the Stephallen Guitars family. Share the joy, ideas, skills, craftsmanship, comfort, playability, and uniqueness of each instrument. Be a part of the spirit to continue to develop 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, all the way to 13 stringed instruments of musical expression that is guitar.

Stephallen Guitars,.Not the first, but the best!